PAWG Cadet Training Schools



Updated March 5, 2018

Q) Can I view everyone from my unit who has applied to attend Cadet Training Schools (CTS)?

A) Yes - Go to this website:

Q) In order to complete an application, what signatures are required and on what forms?

A) Applicants are provided a signature packet with all required forms when they submit their application. Almost all data is submitted online, but some is required to be submitted with a hand written signature. Cadets are required to have the CAPF 31, CAPF 160, CAPF 163, and a Fort Indiantown Gap General Release Statement. Seniors are only required to submit the CAPF 31 and the Fort Indiantown Gap General Release Statement.

Q) How do applicants submit their signature packets?

A) Signature packets can be submitted one of three ways: By mail, by email (scanned), and by uploading to our website. If submitting by mail, send to: PAWG CTS, 110 Powell Street, Ridgway, PA 15853. If submitting a scanned copy by email, send to: If submitting on our website, the applicant must go to the unique website link provided in the email they receievd when they submitted their application.

Q) What is the cost to attend a school?

A) We are excited to announce the below rates apply for Cadet Training Schools 2018. In-state and out-of-state applicants will pay the same rate.



Student: Encampment


Student: Leadership Development Course


Student: Northeast Region Cadet Leadership School


Student - STEM Academy


Staff - Cadet Cadre


Staff - Senior Staff (Full-time)


Staff - Senior Staff (Part-time)

$21.25 per day

Staff - Senior Staff (BOQ Nightly Charge)

$2.50 per night in addition

Q) How do applicants pay the application fee?

A) There are two methods of submitting payment: Electronic (via PayPal) and by Check (via Mail).

Q) When is the deadline to register?

A) The deadline to register is the same day that payment and packet information is due (see below) If registering on the deadline, members should pay electronically and scan/submit their packets the same day to ensure they are accepted.

Q) What is the deadline to submit the payment and signature packet?

A) June 2, 2018. After this date, no other payments or signature packets will be accepted. Members with an application in our online system are subject to having their application rejected if they are missing payment or a signature packet by this date.

Q) Can our Squadron assist a member with some or all of their payment?

A) Yes, your unit may pay some or all of the application cost. Please relay to your members that this option must be pre-coordinated with your unit's financial committee BEFORE they apply online! When a member applies using our online system, it will ask them if they pre-coordinated payment with their Squadron Commander. Once they submit their application, you as the Squadron Commander have the opportunity to APPROVE / DISAPPROVE the member's request for financial assistance online. You will receieve an email when they apply.

Q) What is the process for a Squadron to contribute some or all of a payment for a member of their unit?

A) First and foremost, your financial committee must meet to vote on this request. If approved, your financial committee must document this on a memorandum. You or your financial representative will then submit this memorandum along with a PAWG Form 173-C to Mr. Phil Richardson ( Be sure the CAPF 173-C identifies the member's name and CAPID. It will then be processed by the Wing and an approval/disapproval will be sent back within 7-10 business days. It is important to note that this must be done by 8 June 2018. After this date, no additional transactions for CTS will occur, including any possible "reimbursement" a squadron wishes to contribute from their Wing Banker account to a cadet who fronted the entire cost.

Q) What if my Squadron is not able to assist the cadet? Are their other finance assistance programs available?

A) Yes, National Headquarters announced on the continuation into 2018 of the financial assistance program which was made possible by the US Air Force. The Cadet Encampment Assistance Program (CEAP) allows FIRST TIME Encampment students to apply for financial assistance. Full details are available on the NHQ Website: When you submit your Approval electronically in our system, please be sure to let us know that you approved the cadet for the CEAP program via eServices. The CEAP approval process is separate from our system and we do not see this information. It will greatly help us if you let us know that you approved their request in eServices when you submit your Approval in our system.

Q) What is the payment method for applicants who wish to apply for Unit or NHQ (CEAP) financial assistance?

A) Since we don't know how much a Unit or NHQ (CEAP) will cover, we ask that applicants select the "Pay by Check" option on Step 6 in our online registration system. If the payment is covered in FULL by the Unit or NHQ, then we'll get that report from Wing HQ and we will then verify the applicant's payment on their registration in our system. If the payment is PARTIALLY covered by the Unit or NHQ (CEAP), then we'll log that partial payment in our system and ask the applicant to send the difference in the form of a check according to the instructions on their signature packet. All checks are NOT mailed to Wing. They are mailed to: PAWG CTS, 110 Powell Street, Ridgway, PA 15853.