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About Encampment, Leadership Development Course, and Region Cadet Leadership School

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About Encampment (ENC)

The Pennsylvania Wing Encampment (ENC) has been in existence for over 50 years. At one time there were four Encampments: Willow Grove, Fort Indiantown Gap, Hawk Mountain, and Pittsburgh. These were later combined into a PAWG ENC West in Pittsburgh and a PAWG ENC East at Fort Indiantown Gap. In 1998 they were combined into one school and held yearly at Fort Indiantown Gap.

As per CAPR 52-16 Cadet Programs, Chapter 9: The purpose of the cadet encampment is for cadets to develop leadership skills, investigate the aerospace sciences and related careers, commit to a habit of regular exercise, and reinforce their moral character.

Students that attend the PAWG ENC often find the experience to be a corner stone of their cadet career. Not only is it the gateway to being able to phase into the officer portion of the cadet program as a requirement for the Billy Mitchell Award, but ENC completion also opens up many opportunities, such as the ability to attend National Cadet Special Activities (NCSAs) - including Hawk Mountain.  ENC is also a unique opportunity for cadets to interface with other cadets and officers from across the entire state.  Many cadets forge friendships that last the course of their CAP career, if not their lifetime.

A typical day at ENC…

0630 Reveille (Wake-up)
0630-0730 Physical Training (Stretching, calisthenics, running, etc)
0730-0830 Breakfast
0830-0930 Prepare for the Day (Shower, iron uniform, polish boots, make bed,etc)
0930-1200 Classes, activities, training, tours, field trips
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1700 Classes, activities, training, tours, field trips
1700-1800 Dinner
1800-2000 Classes, activities, training
2000-2030 Closing Formation
2030-2100 Barracks Time (Shower, make bed, squadron time etc)
2100 Lights Out


About Leadership Development Course (LDC)

LDC is the intermediate-level professional development course for emerging cadets in Pennsylvania Wing. The purpose of the school is to bridge the gap between the entry-level followership skills taught in Encampment and the advanced leadership theory taught in the Region Cadet Leadership School and Cadet Officer School programs. LDC teaches cadets to be "first line supervisors" and conveys key leadership concepts for leadership at the Flight Sergeant / Flight Commander level. 

Completion of LDC allows graduates to apply for the following cadet cadre positions at CTS sponsored cadet programs: BCOP, NCOA, OTS, ENC, and LDC.   Effective during the 2015 school year, this course meets the requirements for credit as an Advanced Student at Encampment, allowing graduates to wear the bronze clap on the Encampment Ribbon.  For 2016, we are in the process of getting this school accredited as a National Special Cadet Activity.  We hope to have word by mid-December 2015 if LDC makes the cut.

While LDC is not a replacement for, nor does it meet the Cadet Program requirements of RCLS/COS for the Eaker Award, it provides cadets an opportunity to hone their initial leadership skills in a much more hands-on environment through practical leadership training in preparation for continued academic training in RCLS. This school is offered annually during the Summer Cadet Training Schools.


About Northeast Region Cadet Leadership School (RCLS)

Pennsylvania Wing will once again be hosting the Northeast Region RCLS this year! Click Apply Now » above to register today! 

For more information on other RCLS opportunities in the Northeast Region, visit

As per CAPR 52-16, Chapter 8, Section 10: Region Cadet Leadership Schools (RCLS) provide training to increase knowledge, skills, and attitudes as they pertain to leadership and management. RCLS helps prepare cadets from across the region and beyond for future leadership positions at the home squadron and beyond. The curriculum includes focus on: followership, leadership, drill and ceremonies, public speaking, problem solving, team building, health and wellness, and time management. Pennsylvania Wing has had the privilege of hosting several active duty Colonels and Generals from multiple services to present topics on leadership development to students.

Attendance at an RCLS is one of the requirements for the Eaker Award (C/LtCol). In addition, PAWG requires CLS or LDC attendance to staff other PAWG cadet programs.